The House Leaks

by One Fell Swoop

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released June 13, 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by A.J. Chiarella.
Music and lyrics by One Fell Swoop.
Photographs by Candice Marie Alcantara.
Artwork Design by Sal La Rosa.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We love you.



all rights reserved


One Fell Swoop Yonkers, New York

Guitar/Vox- A.J. Chiarella
Guitar-Brandon Florich
Bass/Vox- John Rodriguez
Drums-Frank De Santis

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Track Name: You're All Diseased
What happened to the 1990s?
What happened to the kid I used to be?
Adolescence wasn’t what I thought
It would be when I was fourteen
It doesn’t make sense
Was it just another fucked up dream
Clear thoughts now black and white
The world’s so bland and now I see

My guardian angel all along has been
Just heaven sent, lifelong embarrassment
My testament is neither old or new
It’s just the opposite of everything
I thought was true

It doesn’t get better
It only gets harder to get back up

Can’t remember a time where I felt like
I was in control
Of the world around me or the way the
Future would unfold
Insecurity, tainted purity
Disillusioned with the illusion of safety
Been thinking about that lately
And the mess it’s made me

Growing up wasn’t what I thought it’d be
What happened to the kid I was
What happened to me

Don’t belong, anywhere to anyone or
Anything, I don’t even care if I don’t
Have nothing to prove I
Don’t belong, anywhere to anyone or
Anything, I don’t care I’ll always
Have something to hold on to

My thoughts won’t change, just rearrange
I can’t rewind, stop or eject my mind
If “all grown up” means “all fucked up”
Maybe I’m a grownup after all
Track Name: Copper Doesn't Rust
Can’t walk, can’t talk with your foot in your mouth
Got cold, my hopes all flew south
This shame will stain your face forever
The guilt you built around my life
A wall so tall it blocks the light
All I needed was a reminder

That dreams don’t come true
They just beat you black and blue
‘til you wake up shaking and confused

In this life we lead, you can’t write with lead
And the ink it bleeds onto the paper from the pen
Can’t erase your mistakes
Cross them out but you’ll know what they said
Just skip a line, indent, begin again

Thousands of dollars in the fountains, wishing wells
Trying to buy something the world could never sell
A penny saved is wisdom earned
When will any of you people ever learn

Wishes don’t come true
They just beat you black and blue
Water filled with rust and residue

Always colored outside the lines
Now my artwork looks like shit
Never paid attention to the signs
Now I’m wandering directionless
Now is my life worth hanging on the fridge
And can I keep living crossing every
Unknown path and broken bridge

Their words were never true
They just beat me black and blue
And the world keeps spinning on without a clue
Track Name: Kitchen Sunk
Why do I watch this stupid fucking show
When I can’t sleep at night
Could be looking for a million ways to feel alive
It builds up anxiety, fear of the world outside
And how easily today could be
The last day of your life

One day will I wake up
And feel like this never happened
Like life is something that I’m not trapped in
I’ll just leave
I’ll just leave it up to
Who I’ll be when I wake up tomorrow
To finally grow up and let it go

High hopes overdosed and became ghosts
When I needed them the most
Track Name: The House Leaks (Idle Hands)
Here I stand with idle hands
What does it take to be a man
Can you ever help me understand
Every day, face the world
With tired eyes and scrambled words
Can’t seem to get a hold
My hands can’t take the cold
Already twenty years old

The man in the mirror
Don’t seem to familiar
Every time I try to speak
He starts talking over me
Stop walking with your head down, kid
Stop running from the things that you did
Wake up from this half dream and
Start seeing someone else but me
Track Name: Dead End Apathy
Never know what to say, you say it anyway
Learn when to bite your tongue and shut your mouth
Let go that so when the time comes you’ll know what to expect

You’re in a fishbowl floating in the sea
You’re in a birdcage hanging in a tree
But when life leaves you bloody
Broken nose and broken teeth
With your back against the wall
You’ve still got room to breathe

A selfish coward is all you’ll ever be
Until you learn to let go and set yourself free
“I’m trying my best,” that’s what you said to me
But you were lying through your teeth

I know you always wanna look around, go slow
Times change, you’re not the same you were before
Just know life’s a dead end path sometimes

You constantly claim that you’re
In the wrong place at the wrong time
It’s sad to say that your excuses are what
Keep you far behind
You’re right on track if your plans are little or nothing
So straighten up or no matter what
You’ll never amount to anything
Track Name: Security and Compliance
Taken from the safety of my seat
Thrown under the bus in the cold street
Who let them steal control of the wheel
And speed through our lives
Before we grew and learned to feel

They made life seem surreal
And now life seems so real

Tune the world out of my head
Turn the dial to reinvent
Our half hour set, walls soaked with sweat
In a basement with my friends
These words and sounds are the only ones
That don’t let me down
So I’m not sorry if I let you down

You work Monday - Friday 9 to 5,
And you call yourself alive
If I led that kind of life, I’d call myself a lie
We can’t stop time from making us grow old
But time can’t stop us from never growing up

The only way we survive is working jobs that we hate
So many floors to be swept, too many tables to wait
You’ll spend your life at a desk, I’ll spend my life on the road
Don’t have to grow up just because we grow old